What to Look For When Buying a Gun Safe 


A gun safe is one of the best means for an average gun owner to secure his or her firearms from damage, theft and unauthorized use. Even so, it can be quite confusing selecting a gun safe because of the many choices depending on the size, security components and interior configuration. You can come up with an educated choice by doing some research and evaluating the features side by side with your needs, instead of just buying the less expensive one. Check out gun safe reviews at this link to get started.

Not all safes are the same because there is no generic standard for what materials and methods to use in their fabrication, and no regulatory system is in place either. A gun safe can be viewed as a lifetime investment so it is important to purchase the best gun safe from the start and not spend more in the future. Keep in mind a list of things while browsing.

First time safe buyers typically bungle their purchase by procuring a unit that is too cramped for their needs. Gun owners will look at their collection first, think about how many guns a safe can hold, and then get the littlest safe they can get away with. But once the safe is installed, family members deem it a fireproof repository for keeping documents, gadgets, jewelry, pictures and other things they can think of. The shooter may also immediately comprehend that the one-rifle slot in the safe won’t fit a scoped rifle, and he or she is not yet done collecting guns. Before long, the safe is bursting at the seams and not everything is in it.

Keep in mind this rule of thumb when sizing a safe: Calculate everything that you intend to place in the safe including, but not limited to, firearms and other items. The moment you have toted up the final sum, that’s the time you can start shopping for a safe that can contain the entire collection. Be after a unit that is one size bigger. That way, you won’t need to buy a second safe in the foreseeable future.

The thickness of the steel used in the construction of the gun safe is the normal measure  of the safe’s overall durability. This may stump shooters a bit because the numbers used to quantify steel is in reverse of what they are accustomed to. While they know that a 20-gauge shotgun has a smaller bore size than a 12-gauge, a 12-gauge sheet of metal is thinner that a 10-gauge sheet. The recommended thickness of the metal for a home safe should be 10-gauge steel as the thinnest. Also needing particular attention is the thickness of the metal used in the door and frame of the safe.

It is important to also note the level of fire resistance a safe has before paying for it. A higher level of fire protection equates to a higher price point. Manufacturers pay independent test laboratories to set their products on fire in a controlled setting to come up with the level of fire resistance. To read more about this, check out http://www.ehow.com/how_7351210_store-ammunition-gun-safes.html.


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